ServiceGx is used for Information or Entertainment System. The server is providing service by message to client. Client use the services of server by sending request message by network to get the information or entertainment. The system is multi user Client-server system. Server is running and listening SMS Gateway NetShell / MySQL database Connection / OLEdb  database Connection. users sign in to server by providing their authentication information (user id and their mobile phone number or password), for sign in Specific SMS send to Server by client.

ServiceGx - Interactive Message Response System

ServiceGx Service
ServiceGx Offer 4 types of service Request, General, Broadcast/Forward and Proposal. Each service can be used by registered user (if service is subscribe to their group) or unregistered user. Special type service Broadcast/Forward can Used by Personal Group Member only, rest of services can be used by Personal and Public Group. Broadcast/Forward type service can use by detection of mobile number or keyword (which is receive in the SMS message by the server). Rest type service identify by Keyword.
1. Request type service is dynamic service which is a TCP/IP Client request to TCP/IP Server at Specific port and return text message to mobile user regarding user request.
2. General type service is static service which is return static text Message to mobile user regarding user request.
3.  Proposal type service also static service which is return buy or sell Proposal as text message to mobile user regarding user request.
4. Broadcast/Forward type service can broadcast message to all registered user of forward to groups, Mobile number, E-Mail Address by identifying keyword or mobile number of user who is requested.
About the Package Components
Here is a brief description of the components contained in the packages listed blow.
• Web Service ServiceGx 2.0 , • ServerGx 2.0 , • imrs.request.server.dig 1.0, • imrs.test.dig 1.1,
• imrs.console.sms.client 1.1

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Service Application Examples

Category- General Service Type (***)
News Service (Sport, Business, World, Country, Regional, Local City, Technical)
Astrology Service (Horoscope, Numerology)
Vaastu Tips Service
Fengshui Tips Service
Entertainment Service (Cinema update, joke of the day, movie review, Top Ten, Star Birthday, Artist Interview)
Information Service (product, services, profiles)

Category- Broadcast /Forward Service Type (***)
Broadcast Service
Forward Service (E-mail, Mobile Phone Number)
Group massaging Service

Category- Proposal Service Type (***)
Bid Service (Bid for Product or Services for sell and buy category)
Rate Service (Offer rate for commodities or services)

Category- Request Service Type (*** To Be Design ***)
Joke Service
Dating/Chat Service
Purchasing service
Railway enquire service
Result declaration service
Telephone Directory service
Guide services like City Guide
E-mail Message Service
Schedule services (TV schedule)

***All above service depending on configuration of server. Above list not show all service which is provided by server. Service configuration dependent of 'customer', what he/she wants to give sms service to his/her client.

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