Longcode is a 10 digit dedicated or shared mobile number to be used for sms campaion without paying premium charges by the sender as in the case of shortcode number, it provides all features of a shortcode and sender is charged only as per their normal sms charges as he sends to any other mobile number. Shortcode & longcode enables 2 way communication between orgainisation / company and their users / clients and widely used for value-added services such as reality show voting, customers feedback, voting / polling, automated lead generation, online subscriptions, examination results & media entertainment marketing verticals.

Do you want to receive incoming sms from users and forward the same to your email, website or database? It is possible with our sim hosting service.

How does it work?
A SIM is hosted at our secure data center, further it is connected to a system (computer) with connectivity to the internet. All incoming SMS received by the SIM are posted to any URL of client's choice by the software.

You can receives incoming SMS with variables containing information about sender's mobile number, message text etc through GET or POST method. Client can process the same at his URL and optionally send reply-back to sender of the SMS using our bulk SMS API

Which software is using to provide sim hosting service?
we use our developed software netshell; it has ablity to provide service on LAN/MAN/WAN with multiple shared / dedicated gsm modem support.

Features of SIM Hosting
  • Regular SMS charges for sender instead of premium SMS charges
  • Works for all GSM, CDMA operators that support text messaging
  • Can be dedicated number or shared number with keyword
  • 99% uptime guaranteed
  • URL Forwarding
  • API (HTTP/SOAP/.NET dll)
  • 24*7 Technical Support
  • No limit for incoming SMS

Existing User - Resource
Longcode Control Panel

Longcode Shared Number


SIM Hosting (Longcode) - Shared
  • One Keyword
  • Unlimited Sub Keywords
  • Shared Number (91) XXXXXXXXXX


Price Validity
$ 22.25 / ` 1000.00 01 month
$ 60.00 / ` 2700.00 03 months
$ 115.00 / ` 5100.00 06 months
$ 215.00 / ` 9600.00 12 months
SIM Hosting (Longcode) - Dedicated
  • Unlimited keyword
  • Unlimited Sub Keywords
  • Your didicated number (sim provide by you)


Price Validity
$ 110.00 / ` 5000.00 01 month
$ 330.00 / ` 15000.00 03 months
$ 612.00 / ` 27500.00 06 months
$ 1066.00 / ` 48000.00 12 months
SIM Hosting (Longcode) - Exclusive
  • Unlimited keyword
  • Multiple didicated number
  • Server hosted at client site

Exclusive One Year Contract

we provide our software netshell to run application at client site
all hardware(multi sim gsm modem rack) and sim cards is purchase by client.

In shared sim hosting user can receive sms, while in case of dedicated sim hosting user can send and receive sms using his/her dedicated number.

For sim hosting order send email to sales@bstpl.co.in or give us a call at (91) 9415917612.

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